Frederick Municipal Airport Receives Federal Grant

The money will be used to remove obstructions to one of the runways.


Frederick, Md (KM). More than $4-million in federal grant funding  is coming to Frederick Municipal Airport. The money will be provided by the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Improvement Program. “This is a very competitive funding grant and the local people should be very proud that they were able to get this money, and it will be put to good purpose,” says Senator Ben Cardin (D), whose office announced the award of the grant. .

The city plans to expand by 600 feet Runway 5 at the Airport, and this $4,134,419 in federal funding will be used to clear away any obstacles.

Senator Cardin says the funds for the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program are collected from people who use the nation’s airports, and the taxes paid on their flights. “It’s used to upgrade airports. In this case, the Frederick Airport will receive funds from this trust fund for improving its local airport,” he says.

Cardin also says Frederick Municipal Airport plays a major role in the region’s economy. “The Airport is so important to the economic welfare of Frederick, and we’re proud that they’ve been able to get these funds,” says Senator Cardin.

The project to clear away the obstacles for the expansion of Runway 5 is expected to cost $4, 593,799. A majority of that funding will come from this FAA grant. The Maryland Aviation Administration will chip in $229,690, and both the City of Frederick and the County will each  provide $114, 845.

The Board of  Aldermen are scheduled to vote on Thursday whether to accept the grant. The panel will also approve contractors to remove the obstacles so Runway 5 can be extended.


By Kevin McManus