New Restrictions Imposed on Maryland Power Plants

Dickerson, MD (KK) – The Maryland Department of the Environment is imposing stricter limits on power plants when it comes to the materials they discharge. This includes the Dickerson plant in Montgomery County. Pollutants like arsenic and mercury have been found in waterways surrounding power plants. Phillip Musegaas with the Potomac Riverkeeper Network praised state leaders for taking steps to protect the Potomac which is a source of drinking water and recreation.

“We’re in an environment now where the federal government can’t really be relied on to protect our air and water and environmental resources, and so we are looking to the state. On the Potomac we have Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia in our watershed. We are really looking to the states to stand up for the public’s right to a clean environment and to work with us and to fight for cleaner rivers,” said Musegaas.

Power plants have until November of 2020 to comply with the new regulations. The Chalk Point and Morgantown power plants will also be affected.