Commission On Aging Could Be Replaced With Senior Services Advisory Board

The County Council discussed that last week.


Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick County’s Commission on Aging is expected to be replaced. The County Council is considering a bill to create a Senior Services Advisory Council of Frederick County.

According to the proposed legislation, the board would consist of 11 members who would reflect the diversity of Frederick County’s population. It will have older minority residents, seniors who live in rural areas, family caregivers of older individuals, representatives of older people, service providers, individuals from the business community, local elected officials, providers of health care to veterans and persons  who have an interest in issues faced by the older population. Members will be appointed by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by the County Council,  and will serve three-year terms without compensation.

This new Senior Services Advisory Board would advise the County Executive, the County Council and the Senior Services Division on issues important to the older population.

The senior citizen population is growing in Frederick County. Data from the state indicate that the number of citizens 60 and older is growing at three rate of the general population.

Margaret Nusbaum, a Special Administrative Officer, said she discussed this idea with the current members of the Commission on Aging. “All of the members did indicate their interest to being grandfathered in and transferred from being Commission on Aging members to being new Senior Services Advisory Board members,” she said. Nusbaum says the Commission members want a clause to that affect to be added to the bill before it’s introduced.

The legislation says ex officio members, those who can sit on the board but are not allowed to vote, would be the Director and staff members of the Senior Services Division, the Director or  staff members from the Division of Citizens Services, the Department of Social Services, the County Health Officer, and elected officials. Council Vice President MC Keegan-Ayer and Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak are currently members of the Commission on Aging, and Nusbaum says they could transfer over to the new board.

Nusbaum said the Senior Services Advisory Board is expected to have a member from each of the five councilmanic districts. But Councilman Billy Shreve said that may not be easy. “I know on Parks and Rec, it’s tough to get people from those districts,” he said. “There needs to be a provision in there if there’s another member you want or you can’t find someone from that district. You just need to plan for that,” he said.

There are expected to be changes made to the proposed legislation before it is formally introduced to the County Council.



By Kevin McManus