Hood College Begins New School Year On Monday

It’s seeing increases in enrollment.


Frederick, Md (KM). The fall semester begins at Hood College on Monday, August 27th. President Andrea Chapdelaine says the school is experiencing an increase in enrollment of freshmen. “We have an increase from our previous  year. . We have about 344 new students. And I think that’s the largest class since I’ve been here so I’m excited about that,” she says.

President Chapdelaine says these new students mostly come from Maryland, but there are those who represent 16 states, and six different countries from around the world.

She says the total enrollment at Hood, including the undergraduate and graduate  students, is just over 2,000.

Hood College is starting a cybersecurity program this year. “Our new program in cybersecurity, our master’s degree in cybersecurity, will have its first entering class this fall. We had some students join that program mid-year last year, but this is it’s first official start,” says Chapdelaine

Frederick Community College has a two-year program in cybersecurity, and Mount Saint Mary’s University has an undergraduate program in that discipline. Chapdelaine says students who complete their undergraduate work in cybersecurity at both of those schools  can come to Hood and earn a master’s degree.

She also pointed out that job opportunities in cybersecurity are wide open. “The projections in the state of Maryland are that we are going to be woefully short of the number we need to fill the number of jobs not only at the state level, but at the federal level as well,” says President Chapdelaine.

In addition, the George B. Delaplaine School Business will have its first full year in 2018, and there will be some students doing some very unique work. “This fall, we’ll be launching a pre-law clinic where our students in our criminal justice and law programs will have the opportunity to actually help prepare cases, real cases., and assist in that process. A real hands on learning for them,” she says. But President Chapdelaine says they will be overseen by practicing attorneys.

While many colleges and universities offer courses on line, Chapdelaine says Hood has a limited selection of on line classes. “We are very interested in developing the whole student so we look at the experience of on line courses that’s supplemental to the core of what we do which is in-classroom learning and outside classroom learning both at the graduate and undergraduate level,” she says “We know that students who engage in on line courses are much less likely to finish. It’s a much more difficult challenge to complete those courses without the support around you and working with faculties.”


By Kevin McManus