Governor Visits Great Frederick Fair

He calls himself a ‘friend of agriculture.’


Frederick, Md (KM). A special visitor  came to the Great Frederick Fair on Tuesday. Governor Larry Hogan toured the fairgrounds and sampled some of the food. He says he had lunch with the Fair Board, and gave the panel the Governor’s Citation.

“They made go into the dairy barn over here where I scooped ice cream, and I couldn’t not eat it. They’d be insulted,” Hogan said during an interview with WFMD. “So I just had some ice cream.”

Tuesday was Governor’s Day at the Great Frederick Fair.

The Fair is an annual celebration of agriculture. And while Governor Hogan does not have a farming background, he says he recognizes the importance of agriculture to the state’s economy. “It’s our number-one industry. A huge part of our economy. It’s also a part of our history and our culture, and we’re going to do everything we can to keep family farms in business,” he said.

The Governor also called himself a “friend of agriculture,” and he noted that he has  the endorsement of all the farm bureaus in Maryland.

He was also asked who he would take on the ride known as the Claw. “We have Budget Secretary David Brinkley whose a local boy here from Frederick. Sometimes, I have a hard time getting money out of the guy. So I think if I took him on the Claw, I could shake lose some of the change out of his pocket,” he said.

The 156th Great Frederick Fair continues through Saturday.


By Kevin McManus