Skid Loader Accident Kills Man

The incident is under investigation.


Frederick, Md (KM). One person was killed while using a skid loader on his property Tuesday afternoon.

Battalion Chief of Special Operations, David Barnes, says fire and rescue personnel were dispatched to the 10,000 block of Harp Road east of Walkersville at around 5:30 PM for an injured person from a construction accident. “Those units that were first arriving on the scene actually confirmed it was not a construction accident. The property owner there was using a skid loader to do work on their property,” he said.

Then something went wrong. “And {the man}  had become injured by the hydraulic system of the bucket area of the skid loader. It was a fatality as a result of that as they were pronounced dead at the scene. The incident is being investigated by law enforcement,” says Chief Barnes.

No other details are available at this time, including the identity of the deceased, or how he was injured by the skid loader. Scanner reports on Tuesday afternoon say the skid loader fell on the man. Also, scanner reports says a chaplain was asked to provide comfort to family members following the accident.

A skid loader is often called a mini-bulldozer which has a scoop-like bucket in the front.


By Kevin McManus