County Council To Vote On Nominees To Veterans Advisory Council

The County Executive says she’s made her choices from the number of individuals who submitted letters of interest.


Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner says she has submitted a list of nominees to serve on the County’s Veterans Advisory Council. She announced that during her public information briefing on Thursday. “I’m not  going to share who they are because we never do that until they’re actually confirmed,” she said. “But just to give you an idea: the voting members of the Council will include four county residents who served in the military, as well representatives of veterans organizations and a local institution of higher education.”

She says there wire a lot of citizens who wanted to serve on the Veterans Advisory Council. “I tried to select people from different branches of the military  and from different parts of the county  because we do try to have representation,” says Gardner.

A vote by the County Council is expected at a later date.

The non-voting members are representatives from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Frederick County  Workforce Services, the Frederick County Health Department’s Behavioral Health Services Division, a veteran liaison from  the Frederick Regional Health System, a member of the County Council, a member of the County’s Delegation to Annapolils and a representative from the office of a  member of Congress who serves Frederick County.

There are about 17,000 military veterans in Frederick County.

“The Council will serve as a conduit of information and resources to help veterans and their families who may need assistance to further their education, find employment, receive counseling or other types  of support services,” says Gardner.

The panel will also work closely with established veteran services organizations, other county  boards and commissions and county staff. It will also consider policies, programs and concerns, and advise the County Executive and the County Council on the needs of Frederick County veterans.

The legislation setting up the Veterans Advisory Council was sponsored by Council President Bud Otis. “I think it’s going to be wonderful to pull these veterans together, let them talk through the issues, and just have a central location for all of our  veterans, I think, is a big deal. I’m really excited about it,” he says.


By Kevin McManus