Program Air Date: Sunday, September 30th, 2018 – 9am

The question of interpretation across traditions

Different people can tend to interpret the Bible differently.  This raises the questions of how different interpretive groups emerged and whether this is a good or bad thing.  Is it unfortunate, or is it full of potential for deeper understanding?  This month we’ve been talking through some of the different approaches by various hermeneutical schools of thought.  In other words, groups that seem to perceive the Scriptures differently and how so.  In this episode the panel will touch briefly on the major interpretative traditions across denominational lines and theological schools of thought.  (Theological, Protestant, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Spirit Hermeneutics, African, African American, Latino/Latina, Asian, Asian American, others)

The panel:

Troy Skinner.  930 WFMD Host/Moderator of The Faith Debate.

Jonathan Switzer.  Past-President of Frederick’s Evangelical Ministerial Fellowship, Founder of “Frederick 48”, former candidate for School Board in Frederick County, Founder of Crossroads Valley Church, and founder of BRIDGES.

Michelle Rader.  Lead Elder at Damascus Road Community Church, and student pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology degree from St. Mary’s College.

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