Deer-Car Collisions More Common This Time Of Year

But they’re expected to decrease this year in Maryland.


Frederick, Md (KM) Deer are most active this time of year, and with that comes more deer and car collisions.

But there’s good news for drivers in Maryland. Danielle Leonard, State Farm Insurance Agent in Frederick, says the chances of these types of collisions in the Free State are less compared to other states. “In the claims research that has been done, and projections across industry claims, the listeners {of WFMD} are actually less likely to have a deer-related accident over the course of the next year,” she says. “We’re actually anticipating an 8% decrease.”

Leonard says a lot of that is due to drivers being more attentive to deer on the roads at this time of the year. “Drivers are in fact paying more attention, especially¬† the most prominent time for deer is October through December,” she says.

The state which is number-one in the US for deer claims is West Virginia, and number three is Pennsylvania, according to State Farm.

Nonetheless, Leonard says motorists should be paying attention to their driving this time of year, and be on the lookout for deer. . “Deer are most active at dusk and dawn. So scanning the road when you see one, it’s probably means more are coming. Try never to drive distracted, for many reasons but particularly for deer,” she says.

Also, pay attention to deer crossing signs; use your high beams to see farther, unless another vehicle is approaching; brake if you can if you see a deer on the road, rather than swerving because swerving can result in a more severe crash. “Do not necessarily rely on those tools like deer whistles,” says Leonard. “Even though they fly off the shelves this time of year, there’s really no proof that they actually work.”

And if your collides with a deer, Leonard says try to safely move it off the road. “The problem with any type of damage, especially deer damage, is you don’t what the impact necessarily is to your car so you may not want to drive it very far. Just get off the side of the road to avoid any further damage or injury.”

Don’t assume your vehicle is safe, says State Farm. It could be leaking fluids, have loose parts, tire damage and broken lights.

The company also says use your smart phone to take pictures of the damage that you can file with your insurance carrier. If the deer is blocking traffic, call the police. Also make sure you contact your insurance company and file a claim.

“The average claim cost nationally increased this year. And it’s a little over $4300,” says Leonard.


By Kevin McManus