Multiple Indictments Were Handed Down by a Frederick County Grand Jury

They ranged from assaults, drug offenses and child pornography charges.

FREDERICK, MD.  (LG)   One of those indictments was against 30 year old Chance Terrance Dorsey, of Frederick.  “This was basically a domestic assault.  He was trying to strangle a woman during a fight that began over money. The police met with a 25 year old woman, to take the report, and she identified her assailant as Chance Terrance Dorsey,” said Charles Smith, Frederick County States Attorney.

Also indicted was Cory Adam Norwalk, of Frederick.  “He is a drug dealer,” Smith said.  “The Maryland State Police pulled him over in a Lexus around 5:30 on the afternoon of August 31st of this year.  A drug dog alerted to the presence of drugs in his vehicle.  They found 25 capsules of heroin in his car.  They later arrested him and took him back to the holding cel,l and actually when a trooper returned to the cell, he saw Norwalk attempting to flush an additional 58 capsules of heroin down the holding cell’s toilet,” Smith added.

Burglary charges were lodged against Ryan Michael Small, of Frederick.  A Shepherdstown, West Virginnia,  man, Kenneth Michael Hensley,  was indicted on heroin offenses. An indictment was handed down against Michael J. Ryan for 1st and 2nd degree assault and reckless endangerment.  Child pornography charges were the offenses for Shawn Thomas Sizemore, of Walkersville, Md.

By Loretta Gaines