SHA To Lend Reflective Vest To Halloween Trick-Or-Treaters

They will help motorists see the kids who are out looking for candy.


Baltimore, Md (KM). “Vests for Visibility” is being launched next week. The Maryland State Highway Administration is lending some of its reflective vests to children who are going out trick-or-treating. “It allows parents to come into our shop in Frederick right on Buckeystown Pike and borrow our reflective vests. These are the same vests that our Adopt-A-Highway and our roadway crews use,” says Lora Rakowski, a spokeswoman for SHA

She says this will allow motorists to see the little ghosts, goblins, superheroes, fairy princesses and others who will be out scaring up some candy on Halloween night.. “The message is that we want folks to see and be seen on Halloween,”: she says. “Pedestrian safety is important all year long, and particularly this time of year when we have lots of pedestrians out.  And also the time change in affect with dusk falling earlier in the day.”

The vests are to be worn over the costume so drivers can see them on children

The vests will be available at the SHA office on Buckeystown Pike between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM beginning on Monday, October 29th and continuing  through Wednesday, October 31st. “We encourage parents and guardians to come in early to get those. What we do ask for is a driver’s license, i.d. number and address. And we ask that you return those vests by Friday, November 2nd so that we can put them back in our stock so we can offer this program next year as well,” says Rakowski.

She does says that SHA has enough vests for its road crew during this time of year so lending some out won’t cause any problems.  .

While most kids will be thinking about the Halloween candy they hope to get, Rakowski says this is a good time for parents to talk with their children about pedestrian safety. “We talk about it with our kids at back-to-school time. This is another important opportunity to talk to kids about pedestrian safety as a family unit,” she says.

Some of those pedestrian safety reminders include walking on the sidewalks, crossing at crosswalks, and not darting out into the street. Motorists are also urged to take it slow in neighborhoods, and watch out for  children and adults who may not see them.


By Kevin McManus