Delegate Lewis Young Speaks Out After Alleged Abusive Allegations Made by Former Employee

She says it’s not true.

FREDERICK, MD.  (LG)    “They are totally untrue,” said Delegate Karen Lewis-Young, District 3A.

Last month, in a post made on Facebook, a former aide accused Delegate Young of abusive behavior.  “I am in the process of proving that it was nothing more than a dirty campaign trick,” added Lewis-Young.

The statement made by 36 year old April Clemons alleged that Delegate Young instructed staff to do campaign work during the 2018 General Assembly session and that she exhibited abusive behavior, which created a “toxic and hostile work environment.”

“I am doing a forensic accounting analysis and I will be bringing up a number of charges, myself, against individuals who have made false claims,” continued Lewis-Young.

The Facebook post stated that the Delegate forced the aide to do her campaign work on State time.  Clemons, who said she worked for Lewis Young between November 2017 and mid-March 2018, stated that she reported her complaint to the Maryland Department of Legislative Services.

“The thorough conversation would take over an hour.  I have plenty of proof and documentation that this was a well and coordinated campaign,” added Delegate Lewis-Young.

During the General Election, Delegate Karen Lewis-Young was re-elected to serve another term representing District 3A.


-By Loretta Gaines