‘Nonpartisan’ Commission To Be Set Up To Redraw 6th Congressional District

This comes after federal judges order Md. to submit a new map for the district.



BALTIMORE (AP) – Maryland’s governor says a “nonpartisan” emergency commission will be created to draw new boundaries for a congressional district.

Republican Gov. Larry Hogan says the commission will craft a redistricting plan for its sixth congressional district that isn’t tarnished by gerrymandering. In Maryland, Democrats were in charge of the last controversial redistricting.

Monday’s announcement comes weeks after a panel of federal judges ordered Maryland to submit a new map for its sixth district.

Some Republican voters had sued over the district’s boundaries, claiming state officials unfairly redrew it in 2011 to favor Democrats. The U.S. Supreme Court reviewed the case before referring it back to a lower court, effectively allowing the 2011 map to remain in place for the recent midterm elections. A Democrat won the district’s open seat.


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