Shopping Safety For The Holidays

Simple tips that all can follow to keep the holiday happy.



Frederick, Md, – RD – With more people doing their Christmas shopping on-line, a new angle for thieves is to travel down a street looking for packages which have been delivered and left at the front door. Michelle Bowman with  the Frederick City Police says, “We see more and more of that. Normally it is right around the holiday that we see it. We have been seeing it here over the past few months as well. A package is delivered, someone is driving by a street, and they see that package, and the run right out, grab it and leave.”

Bowman says  there’s an important way to keep your packages and house better protected not just for the holidays, but all year long. “Fortunately we are seeing more and more homes with these doorbell cameras. The footage on them is traditionally very clear, and when we get those reports we do try and put it out, if it is appropriate, to be released on social media, to try and identify the person. They are very affordable now. The prices has come down dramatically on them.”

Other methods of avoiding package theft are  to ask a neighbor to take in your packages, track items so you know when to expect delivery, or use a service such as “Amazon Locker” to have your packages sent to a secure place.


By Bob Dacey