Michael Hough Reviews Results of the General Election


The Blue Wave hit Frederick

Frederick, MD 11/19/18 – RD – Before the last election, a Blue Wave was promised by Democrats. This a result of public reaction to President Trump and his policies. Frederick County was also affected by that wave with voter turnout approaching levels of a Presidential Election year.

Senator Michael Hough provides some analysis of this past election. “Republican turn out was up it could not match the Democrats. It very much against the President’s Party in a Blue State such as Maryland. The end result is that Governor Hogan was widely re-elected. The irony is that clearly the one place they split their ticket was for Governor Hogan. They went in there and voted for Governor Hogan and then voted ironically for a bunch of people who will go in to Annapolis and vote to undermine Governor Hogan’s agenda for the next four year.”.

Senator Hough, provided review of what happened at the state level as a result of the election. “Republicans had all these great dreams. Everyone heard about the ‘Drive for five.’ Republicans were going to gain five seats and end the Democrat super majority.in Annapolis, and much like the rest of the night, it did not go our way.”

Hough recently provided his analysis on WFMD’s Success Happens Show.

Robert Dacey