Cornerstone Award To Recognize Businesses In Maryland

It was developed by Comptroller Franchot.


Annapolis, Md (KM). There’s a new honor which recognizes local companies in Maryland. The “Cornerstone Award for Local Business Excellence” was developed by State Comptroller Peter Franchot. He says it recognizes independence, innovation and investment in the community by local companies. “Whatever it is that allows these businesses to stabilize, strengthen the community, that’s what I’m interested in,” he says.

Franchot says the award will celebrate how businesses create jobs, generate tax revenues and come with ideas for better services and products. “Everybody realizes that the genius of our country and our state is that we have a system of free enterprise,” he says. “What people don’t realize a lot is how much these businesses actually involves themselves in the community, and how innovative they are to keep their heads above water.”

However,  the award isn’t just for the companies’ economic activities. “But also businesses that strengthen the communities that they’re located it. That can range from philanthropic contributions to sponsoring little league teams and involving themselves in civic government,”: says Franchot.

Anyone, including an employee of a  company, can nominate a local business for this award. “We’re going to give one award to each jurisdiction–business in each jurisdiction–basically to thank the genius of the private sector for producing the jobs and economic freedom that many of use enjoy in this great country and this great state,” says Franchot.

Anyone who wants to make a nomination can go on line to, and fill out the nomination form. The deadline is December 31st.

Franchot says a panel of judges will be set up to review each nominee and make recommendations. He says he will visit each of the winners to personally present them with their awards.

He says this award not only makes a business proud, but teach young people about the free enterprise system. “And encouraging young people in this state to understand that these businesses are a great opportunity for them to lead happy and independent lives,” says Franchot.


By Kevin McManus