Frederick County Grand Jury Hands Down Indictments

One was a very unusual criminal case against 2 individuals.

FREDERICK, MD.  (LG)   A very unusual criminal case, involving 2 individuals, landed an indictment against them by a Frederick County Grand Jury on Friday morning. States Attorney Charlie Smith said Karen Finley is from Frederick, and Matthew Sullivan is from Urbana. He said both are charged with extortion.

“This was extortion by verbal threat. This happened when the defendants threatened to picket the victim’s business with signs indicating that he was a sex offender if he didn’t give them $5,000.”

Also indicted was Antoine Carter, of Pitcairn, Pennsylvania.  “This is something we do see frequently, and that is possession with intent to distribute heroin, fentanyl, and in this case buprenorphine,” continued Smith.  He said the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office issued the narcotics warrant. “They had got the warrant related to the drug activity at the defendant’s residence over in the area of Emerson Drive. They served that warrant and found 80 capsules of suspected heroin and fentanyl. They also discovered that the defendant was buying these capsules in Baltimore and selling them to locals for a profit.”

Another person indicted by the Frederick County Grand Jury was Jamyron Maiben, of Frederick, for 1st and 2nd degree assault, and possession of a firearm in the crime of violence after a felony conviction.

-By Loretta Gaines