A Memory Study is Offered to Local Citizens

A common substance administered in a different manner may provide good results



Frederick, MD 12/27/2018    (RD) Often, as people grow older, an expected result of aging is memory loss. According to Dr. Paul Newhouse, Director of the Center of Cognitive Medicine at Vanderbilt University, feels it is a mistake to blame memory loss on a person’s age.
“We often think that is the case, but now we have evidence that memory loss is not a normal part of aging.You memory should be as good a at 75 as it is at 25. If you are experiencing memory loss that is not normal and this is a sign of something significant going on.”.

Newhouse offers a trial study group at Georgetown University for persons facing memory loss in a trial using a well know substance. “So we actually think Nicotine may actually stimulate those parts of the brain to work more efficiently.”

Dr Newhouse is looking for local people who may be in the earliest stages of memory loss and interested in participating in the Mind Study group being held in Washington. For more information and a link used to join this study, log on to our web site at WFMD DOT COM or follow us on Facebook or Twitter at 930 WFMD

The web site to sign up for the study is www.MINDEStudy.org