State Funding Reserved For Frederick County’s Detox Center

It’s part of the Hogan Administration’s capital budget.


Annapolis, Md (KM). It’s a financial boost for a proposed detox center in Frederick County. Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford announced Thursday that the county will be receiving $500,000 in state capital funding for the facility.

“I am excited that the state is helping to fund the renovations for our detox center, ” County Executive Jan Gardner said in a statement. “This bipartisan partnership will help us meet the needs of citizens struggling with addiction. Recovery is a long and difficult journey. We can help those on that journey by making detox treatment and services available in our community.”

State Senator Michael Hough (R-Frederick and Carroll Counties) is also happy to see this funding being made available. He says there’s a been a call from local officials for such a facility. “The Sheriff, for example, has been very outspoken about it for a long time. Heck, he and I were on a panel together about the opioid crisis about two years ago. He mentioned itĀ  as a top priority. And it’s something I said I would help work on. It would be a priority for me,” says Hough.

County officials say the need for a detox center is a critical gap in local treatment services. Currently, anyone needing detox services has to go outside of the county. :”The Hogan Administration has really done a wonderful job working on this topic, from changes in policy, working to get more people into drug treatment and helping now fund what has been one of the top priorities in Frederick County which is the construction of a detox facility which we badly needed,” he says.

County Executive Gardner says the county had requested the capital funds to renovate the second floor of the Work Release Center at the Detention Center for use as a detox facility.

Senator Hough says the $500,000 can be used for construction of a new building, or the renovation of a current one. “Whether they use a new facility, or they use what has been proposed at the county jail, it’s money that can be used to basically build the facility that they need,” he says.

The funds will be placed in the Governor’s proposed fiscal year 2020 budget which will be voted on by legislators.

In addition to offeringĀ  space at the local jail, the county has also set aside $710,000 in grant funds to help with start up costs.

Frederick County has received proposals from private sector companies to operate the detox center. Officials say they are being reviewed, and an announcement will be made in February.


By Kevin McManus