Changes To Impaired Driving Laws Could Be Considered By Legislators

AAA Mid-Atlantic says a bill is expected to be introduced in the 2019 session.


Towson, Md (KM) Some changes in Maryland’s laws covering impaired driving could be considered by the 2019 General Assembly. AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman Ragina Cooper Averella says legislation proposed last year by Governor Larry Hogan would make repeat DUI, and drugged and drunk driving a felony.

She says the bill is expected to come before the legislature again this year. “Basically, a repeat offender under the law would be guilty of a felony, and,  upon conviction, would be subject to imprisonment of up to ten years,” says Averella. “That’s the way the bill was last year. I don’t believe the bill’s  been drafted yet this year, but we do know it’s coming.”

Averella acknowledges that there are a lot of DUI and DWI laws on the books. “Unfortunately, we do need it. Because we continue to see–and it’s a completely preventable crime–we continue to see people on our roadways dying as a result of someone  else’s careless behavior and that relates in many ways to impaired driving.”

Averella says other states have laws making repeat impaired driving a felony.

The 2019 Maryland General Assembly gaveled into session on Wednesday, January 9th.


By Kevin McManus