Snow Emergency Plan In Affect In Frederick County and City

It started at 1:00 PM on Saturday.



Frederick, Md (KM).   The Maryland State Police Barrack in Frederick placed the Snow Emergency  Plan into affect as of 1:00 PM on Saturday, January 12th. That means motorists should have snow tires on their vehicles, or chains.  Studded tires are permitted between Novemeber 1st through March 31st.


Frederick City also implemented their snow emergency plan as of 6:30 PM Saturday night. The plan requires vehicles parked on Snow Emergency Routes to be removed from those streets by 10 PM or risk being towed at the owner’s expense.

During a snow emergency, motorists may not park their cars on snow emergency routes.  The snow emergency route are:

US Route 15;  US Route 15 (Business); US Route 40, US Route 40 (Alternate); US Route 340; Md. Route 17;  Md Route 26; Md. Route 27;  Md Route 28; Md Route 31; Md. Route 75;  Md. Route 76; Ms Route   79; Md. Route 80; Md. Route 85; Md Route 140; Md. Route 144FA; Md. Route 180; Md Route 194; and Interstates 70 and 270.


By Kevin McManus