FCPS To Offer Assistance To Families Affected By Partial Government Shutdown

Affected students can apply for free or reduced price meals.


Frederick, Md (KM) Some assistance is being provided to Frederick County public school students whose parents have been affected by the partial federal government shutdown. The Food and Nutrition Services office will be taking applications from families for free and reduced price meals. “The assistance can be temporary. We can end the assistance when the shutdown ends; or if families continue to qualify, we can keep that assistance in place,” says School System spokesman Michael Doerrer. “Most important thing for us is that our students not be hungry. So if any families need assistance during this time, we are standing by to help.”

He says families can apply by calling the Food and Nutrition Services office at 301-644-5061. There is some paperwork involved. “We are expediting everything,” says Doerrer. “The most important thing is students not be hungry. That will be immediate. Really, the paperwork is mostly for record keeping.:

The Free and Reduced Price Meal program covers both breakfast and lunch.

The partial federal government shutdown has lasted for four weeks, and is affecting 800,000 employees.


By Kevin McManus