Former Victor Cullen Resident Pleads Guilty In 2018 Riot

He’s considered one of the most violent offenders in last year’s disturbance.


Frederick, Md (KM) A teenager involved in last year’s rioting at the Victor Cullen Center in Sabillasville  entered a plea. In Frederick County Circuit Court on Tuesday, Bernard Moore, 18, pleaded guilty to 1st-degree assault on a staff member at the Center, and was sentenced to 20 years incarceration with all but eight-years suspended.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says Moore was one of the most violent offenders in this riot which took place on April 8th, 2018. “He was actually using metal handcuffs to inflict the harm, which left the victim with a broken jaw, head injuries. He had a lot of medical and dental issues that will continue, unfortunately, into the future,” he says.

Moore also pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree assault on the superintendent, and riot, which Smith says is :an offense “we don’t see often.” He was given a ten-year sentence for those two charges with all but six months  suspended. Moore will serve that sentence concurrent with the eight years.

“In total, 11 staff members were injured during the riot. Eight residents were charged with  injuring  the staff during the riot, all to differing degrees. But obviously Bernard Moore was one of the more serious ones,” Smith says.

Six of the defendants have pleaded guilty, and are or have served their sentences. One is awaiting trial.

“The one defendant that remains pending trial is going to be heard in a couple of months,” says Smith. “For seven out of eight, we’ve been able find them guilty and impose a pretty substantial sentence for each. We’re just glad that another chapter is closed in the Victor Cullen riot.”


By Kevin McManus