Thurmont Man’s Trial Underway In Frederick County Circuit Court

He’s charged with sex abuse of a minor, rape, other offenses.



Frederick, Md (KM). Trial began on Tuesday in Frederick County Circuit Court for Michael Bullis. The 34-year-old Thurmont man is charged with sex abuse of a minor, 2nd-degree rape, 2nd-degree sex offense, 3rd-degree sex offense and other offenses.

On Tuesday, the State and the Defense began with opening statements. Then the prosecution called its witnesses. State’s Attorney Charlie Smith says they included the victim, the lead detective in the case, a detective whose an expert on cell phone extraction, and a crime scene technician who swabbed a tent and detected  an order of bleach in the tent.

Bullis was arrested in September, 2017, for sexually molesting a 14-year-old girl which occurred in a tent in the backyard of the defendant’s home. “She indicated that the Bullis had given her some vodka to drink, and she became very intoxicated. They had a large tent set up in the backyard of his residence. And inside the tent, obviously, he molested this young lady. so it was very sad type of situation there,” says Smith.

He also says Bullis allegedly did the same thing to a relative who was also a minor.

Trial is scheduled to continue on Wednesday. Smith says the State is expected to wrap up its case before the end of the week. Then the defense will make its presentation Smith says it could include Bullis taking the witness stand, but the defendant has the right  not to testify at  his own trial.


By Kevin McManus