Police Officer Finds Frederick Man Smoking A ‘Blunt’ Inside A Vehicle

He was arrested on drug charges.


Frederick, Md (KM) A Frederick Police Officer on routine directed patrol on Thursday morning made an arrest for drug offenses. Andrew Eye, 23, of Frederick is charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, possession of pot and possession of clonazepam.

Authorities say the officer was walking in the area of 50 Carroll Creek Way when he detected the odor  of burning marijuana. He approached a vehicle which was running with a smoky haze inside. Police say Eye was smoking a blunt inside of the vehicle. He was placed under arrest.

During a search of the vehicle, the officer found two vacuum sealed bags of marijuana in a quantity which indicated an intent to distribute…….along with clonazepam and some drug paraphernalia.

Eye was taken to Central Booking.


By Kevin McManus


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Andrew Eye