Board Of Ed To Hold Hearing On Proposed Budget

It has funding to complete the new employee salary scale.


Frederick, Md (KM) A public hearing is scheduled by the Frederick County Board of Education this week on the Superintendent’s proposed fiscal year 2020 budget. The spending plan totaling $629.8-million was introduced last month by Superintendent of the Schools Dr. Theresa Alban. It contains $17.7-million to complete the four-year transition to a new employee pay plan. It’s designed to make Frederick County competitive with neighboring jurisdictions when it comes to recruiting and retaining teachers. For many years, Frederick County was next to last when it came to starting salaries for teachers. .

Dr. Lois Jarman, who was appointed recently to the Board to serve the remaining term of Dr. Ken Kerr, who resigned after winning election to the House of Delegates, says the School System is progressing when it comes to making  salaries competitive. But she says teachers also want the respect similar to what other professionals receive. “Teachers are educations professionals,” says Jarman. “Most of our teachers have master’s degrees in their subject matter or  education. And we treat other professionals with a much higher level of respect than we do our education professionals.”

In addition, teachers also want more control in the classroom. “And then the autonomy to be able to teach in their classes without telling somebody that this is the standardized method of instruction, and this is how we want you to teach,” he says.

Jarman said no one goes  into teaching to get rich. “Teachers go into education because they have a love for education. And by demoralizing them, they’re leaving the field,” she says. “Why bother? Why keep doing this? I’ll go into something else: One, where I can make more money; and two, where I’m not having the stress of figuring out how I meet the needs of students.”

The hearing on the Superintendent’s proposed budget will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 6th beginning at 7:00 PM in the Board of Education’s meeting room  at 191 South East Street in Frederick.


By Kevin McManus