County Executive Forms APFO Advisory Committee

Members will look at how the law has worked in Frederick County.


Frederick, Md (KM). An advisory committee dealing with Frederick County’s Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance has been formed. That announcement was made Thursday morning during County Executive Jan Gardner’s public information briefing. “This committee will bring stakeholders together to provide some real time recommendations to help shape budgets, to make suggestions to our Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance–which commonly shortens  to be the APFO–as well as related fee schedules and other decisions,” says Gardner.

The member of the committee are Frederick County Public Schools Chief Operating Officer Paul Lebo; Board of Education President Brad Young: County Council President M.C. Keegan-Ayer; Acting County Budget Director Kelly Weaver; Development Review Director Mike Wilkins with the Frederick County Planning Division; John McConnell with the Frederick County Building Industry Association; Frederick City Director of Public Works Zack Kershner; and citizen members Ann Holt and Kim Williams.

Gardner says the Committee will look at the latest information on public school capacity, and growth trends, and issue an annual report which may contains some recommendations.

“People clearly are seeing all the new residential development popping up around the county and around the city of Frederick in particular,”: says Gardner. :”And they want to know what’s being done to address and to ease school overcrowding.”

She says growth and making sure there’s  enough classroom space for new students is a complex issue. “So the county must collaborate and coordinate with our municipal partners to time the need for increased  services, and certainly the need of schools and school seats with the pace of new housing,” says Gardner.

The APFO Advisory Committee is expected to hold its first meeting later this month.


By Kevin McManus