County Executive Forms Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

She says this action follows demands from citizens who wanted more bike trails and walkways.


Frederick, Md (KM). A Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee has been set up in Frederick County. That announcement was made last week by County Executive Jan Gardner during her public information briefing. “The Committee will promote bicycling and walking throughout the county; will support implementation of the Bikeways and Trails Plan; and will provide input on prioritizing which projects should be included and in which order in the six-year Capital Improvements Plan,” said Gardner.

She said this action follows demands by citizens for more bike trails and walkways in the county. “As I was gathering community input to shape the current year’s budget, the request I actually heard the loudest and most often was the need to develop more trails and more bike lanes in Frederick County,” says Gardner.

And the county has responded. “This year, for the first time, we added a program into the county’s Capital Improvements Plan for bikeways and trails,” says Gardner. “There’s $4.7-million set aside for the design and construction of trail projects, and that include such trails as the Ballenger Creek Corridor Trail.”

The Bikeways and Trails Plan was adopted last year by the County Council.

Members of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee are citizen representatives Shayne Boucher and Xavier Bruce; Executive Director John Fieseler, Tourism Council of Frederick County; Thurmont Mayor John Kinnaird; Capital Program Director Adnam Mamoon, Frederick County Public Schools; and Council Member Jerry Donald.

The Advisory Committee is expected to hold three meetings during the month of February.


By Kevin McManus