Frederick School Of Religion Starts Next Week

It will offer nine different courses.


Frederick, Md (KM) The 2019 Frederick School of Religion begins this coming Monday, February 25th. It’s a series of classes which allows students to explore other faiths which are not part of their traditions, or to learn more about their own faith.

“This year, we’re especially excited that we have everything from Chinese  philosophy to Jewish theology to Islamic faith with some music, and spiritual living, meditation tossed into that, with nine different subject areas,” say Rev. Gerry Blessing with the School of Religion.

The classes meet on Mondays and Tuesdays through early April at the First Baptist Church of Frederick, 7040 Bowers Road.

The courses  being offered this year are: “No Fortune Cookies: Just Chinese Philosophy,”  “Building Your Ethics: What’s Fair? Who Decides,” “Henri Nouwen: A Spirituality of Living,” “Stressproofing Your Mind: Meditation,” “Concepts of Jewish Theology, Practice and History,”  “Warrior God and Prince of Peace,” “The Magnificat,” “Geography: A Lens for Interpreting Jesus’ Teachings,” and “Islam: Your Questions.”

Rev. Blessing says each one is taught by experts in the field. “We try to have a lot of variety each year, and different instructors each year,” he says. “Some of the instructors repeat for maybe two or three years, but then want to take a break. Or we try to have new subjects, new things that have become of more interest to the general community now then they might have been 30-years ago.”

He also says the school brings in a good crowd. “On the average, I’d say we have somewhere between 150 to 200 students spread over the eight or nine subjects we offer each year,”  he says.

Even though classes begin on Monday, February 25th,  Rev. Blessing says you can still register. You can go on line to to download a registration form, or you can call 240-651-1865 for more information. The cost is $30 per course.


By Kevin McManus