Delaney: Democrats Can Defeat Trump In 2020 By Bringing People Together

But  he says  they will lose if they  support socialist platforms.


Bethesda, Md (KM). The way for Democrats to defeat President Trump in 2020 is to form a big coalition of voters. That’s according to former 6th District Congressman John Delaney (D), whose among the crowded race of Democrats running for the White House. “So we need a candidate like myself, who can get progressives, moderates, independents and disaffected Republicans all on the same page, around a common set of goals and around a common vision, around this notion that we should be more unified and actually solve problems. That coalition can beat President Trump easily in my opinion,” says Delaney.

He recently spoke with CNN on its program “New Day,” which is where these quotes originate.

Delaney said he will support whomever the Democrats nominate for the presidency, but anyone who supports socialism will not win against Trump. “All the people running are so much better than President Trump, who I believe doesn’t have a moral compass and is dishonest with the American people. Of course, I would support them all,” he said. “But look: if we want to win, if we want to beat Trump, we should not put up a candidate who embraces socialism. That’s not what the American people want.”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders recently announced he was running again for President. He’s described as a Democratic Socialist.

In a letter to his supporters, Delaney says he believes in capitalism and supports  the private economy. “I don’t believe in a central planning approach where your have top-down government solution to every problem,” says Delaney.

However, Delaney says he supports a more just form of capitalism. “I think capitalism is the greatest innovation and job creation machine ever created. But I also believe there’s a clear role for government  to prepare our citizens for the future, give them the things they need to succeed, and help create a more just society,”: he says.

In his comments during the interview on CNN, Delaney says the Medicare-For-All Health Care bill in the Senate is not a good policy because it keeps the private insurance companies out of the picture. “What I propose is a universal health care system, everyone gets it as a right. But it works in conjunction with the private insurance market so people have options,” says Delaney.

He recently visited all 99 counties in Iowa which has the first-in-the-nation caucus next year. Delaney has been touting his background, coming from a blue collar family, and working as an entrepreneur before serving in the House of Representatives. “Those are the kind of attributes that the American people are so desperately looking for in contrast to the current President whose not honest with them, whose not getting things done,” he says.

And Delaney says if he’s elected, he will get results. “I believe in my first year in office, I will be able to get a big carbon tax bill passed, with all of the Democrats and Republicans who live in coastal states. And what it will do is it will lower carbon emissions, and will give a dividend back to the American people,” says Delaney. “That’s a real solution that makes sense, and it involves the private economy and the government working together to solve a problem.”

Delaney was first elected in 2012 to serve as Maryland’s 6th District Representative, defeating long time incumbent Republican Roscoe Bartlett. He served three  terms and left Congress in 2019 to run for President.


By Kevin McManus