Frederick Community Action Agency Program Assists Those With Opioid Addictions

It provides outpatient services.


Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick Community Action Agency’s Health Center is providing treatment for those with opioid addictions. “It was actually a supplemental grant opportunity that we received from HRSA to provide services to the community. HRSA is Health Resources and Services Administration, the federal government,” says Janet Jones, the Director of Medical Services at the Community Action Agency.

The FCCA’s Health Center is a Federal Qualified Health Center.

“This is an outpatient treatment program,” says Carol Mack, who runs the program and is one of the providers. . “People come here, they have level of stability. We try to combine our treatment with counseling services in the community.”

There are also¬† other services provided to those with opioid addictions. “People are also involved in some support groups, which is also part of our program,” says Mack. “Mental health services are provided at other locations, and we’re partnering up with people in the community to provide those services.”

She says any intense detox should have taken place before anyone comes into the program. “Some people need more intense inpatient treatment, and then they can transition to outpatient services such as what we can provide.”

There is no detox center in Frederick County, but the Sheriff has offered some space at the Detention Center for such a facility.

Mack says the program has only been open for a short time. “We have started off slowly, and we’re building our program as well as building our provider services,” she says.

For participants, there is an income requirement. “It’s folks up to 200% of the federal poverty level, which for a family of four in Frederick County is $51,500. We can also seek folks enrolled in Medicaid for their primary care provider. We do ask proof of income,” Jones says.

But Jones says fees are on a sliding scale. “It kind of depends on where their income is. There may have no co-pay, or the most co-pay they may have is $5. If they have medical assistance, they do not have a co-pay,” she says.

Anyone who feels they need these services should visit the Frederick Community Action Agency 100 South Market Street in Frederick. The hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.


By Kevin McManus