Two-Hour Delay Of Schools Replaces Early Dismissal

St. John’s Regional Catholic School also opening on a two-hour delay.


Frederick, Md (KM)   Frederick County Public Schools will will have a delayed opening on Friday, March 1st.   The school system had planned for a two-hour early dismissal on Friday for a teacher work session, but officials say that’s been replaced with a two-hour delayed opening.  Students will be dismissed at their normal time on Friday, March 1st.

Teachers have the option of working at home, or coming to school to work.

Additional weather-related announcements will be made at 7:00 AM on Friday, according to officials.

As with any other day when there’s a two-hour delayed opening, breakfast will be served, and morning. Morning  Pre-K and   classes at the Career and Technology Center will start two hours later, and students will be dismissed an hour later than usual.

Afternoon  Pre-K starts one hour later than usual, and dismisses at its regular time.  The Career and Technology Center’s afternoon classes  will start 40-minutes later, and dismiss at their regular time.

St. John’s Regional Catholic School will also be operating on a two-hour delay on Friday, March 1st..  School officials say that decision will be reassessed at 7:00 AM on Friday.  .


By Kevin McManus.