New Congressional Map For Western Maryland Proposed

Commission selects new map for western Md. House district

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — An emergency commission is proposing a new congressional map for western Maryland that restores the Republican tilt it had a decade ago.

The new map approved Friday by Gov. Larry Hogan’s Commission on Sixth Congressional District Gerrymandering returns parts of conservative Frederick and Carroll counties to the 6th District. More liberal parts of Montgomery County, closer to the nation’s capital are returned to the 8th District.

No other congressional districts are affected.

News outletsreport the chosen map was drawn by a member of the public who submitted it for review. The map will now be subject to public comment before a final version is submitted the governor’s office.

A federal court ruled that the existing 6th District boundaries were illegally gerrymandered in 2010 to tilt it in Democrats’ favor.