Council Approves TransIT Grant Application

It includes a request for funds to hire another para-transit driver.



Frederick, Md (KM) A grant application from TransIT Services of Frederick County to the Maryland Transit Administration was approved last week by the County Council. The vote was 6-0..

Nancy Norris, the Director of TransIT, says the grant covers both operational and capital requests. “Our operational request is the same last year with one exception: we are requesting an additional $57,000 for a para-transit driver. The demand for para-transit services is  exploding with the senior population and so we’re hoping receive some additional money to provide that service,” she says.

An additional local match of $2,862 will come from the county. The total operational grant request is $9,104,132, according to the background provided by TransIT.

The total grant request for capital purposes is $1.7-million. “Our capital grant  is funded with 80% federal funds, 10% state and a 10% county match,” says Norris. “This year, we’re requesting $120,000 in county funds for our capital request and that’s the match for three replacement buses, large buses.”

“The rest of the items we’re requesting, four minivan replacements, bus wash automation and  10 bus shelters {to be constructed}, TransIt will be providing that match ourselves through bus advertising revenue,” she says. That amount is $48,100, according to the backup material.

The Maryland Transit Administration is the recipient of grants under the Federal Transit Act, and is authorized to make grants to county and local governments for mass transportation projects.


By Kevin McManus