The Coming Of Spring Means More Potholes On Area Roads

SHA, local highway crews, have been busy trying to fill them.


Frederick, Md (KM) They’re not as welcome as the first robin of spring, but we have to deal with them. We’re talking about potholes.

These holes in the road develop when water seeping through the road surface from the rain and the snow freezes, causing a crevice to form which leads eventually to a pothole.

Potholes have been a problem this year with all of the large amount of rain last year, and the snow this winter, says Charlie Gischlar, spokesman for the Maryland State Highway Administration. “We were out there today {Monday} with two crews patrolling US 15, different areas, I-70 and also Motter Station Road up north in the north county, Maryland 76. There’s been some areas where there has been some pothole damage. So we are out there with the cold patch right now,” he says.

A cold patch is a temporary fix to a pothole. Gischlar says a more permanent patch will be made when the weather is warmer. “We can then switch to the more permanent hot mix asphalt which is applied with a paver and is rolled out with a roller,” he says. “We can do a more permanent repair. But that’s coming in the next couple of weeks.”

In the meantime, Gischlar says motorists need to be on the lookout for potholes “If it’s been raining, and you see what appears to be a puddle of water, it’s very likely a pothole that has water in it,” he says.

Gishclar says you need to take precautions if you have to drive over a pothole. “Speed is the key. Go the posted speed limit,” he says. “If you can strike a pothole at a lower speed, you do less damage to your vehicle.”

SHA also urges residents to report any potholes on state numbered roads and interstates. They can do on line to and click on “contact us.” Fill out the service request form. “We do try to get to potholes within one business day, depending on the workload,” says Gischlar. “We do try for one day. And doesn’t always occur. But we are out there in a timely manner.”


By Kevin McManus