Local Company Chosen To Provide Detox Services In Frederick County

It will receive $710,000 in grants as startup funding.


Frederick, Md (KM). Frederick County is much closer to having a local detox center. During her public information briefing on Tuesday, County Executive Jan Gardner announced that grants totaling $710,000 will be awarded to Maryland Treatment Centers, Inc.,  to offer detox services. “Maryland Treatment Centers currently operates Mountain Manor Treatment Center in Emmitsburg. As part of their proposal, the Maryland Treatment Centers will renovate their current location in Emmitsburg, and will expand at that location to provide some detox services for up to 18 people at that location,” she says.

In addition, Gardner says, Maryland Treatment Centers will use the second floor of the Work Release Center at the Frederick County Detention Center for a detox center which can accommodate 28 patients. Sheriff Chuck Jenkins last year offered that space for a detox center. “Over the past couple of years, as I’ve gone out in the public, and people have said to me ‘Sheriff, I’ve got a son, daughter, a grandson that needs helps. Where can I take them.’ Now we have a place to get ’em off the street,” he says.

A detox center will allow patients to  recover  from withdrawal from drug and alcohol addictions safely under the supervision of medical providers.

Last fall, the county issued a Grant Request for Proposals for detox services. The grant being offered included $500,000 from the county, and $210,000 from the Health Department as seed money. . Governor Larry Hogan has also  included $500,000 in his proposed budget for the detox center.

Part of the criteria for the detox center was that it be available for all people, including the low income population, says County Health Officer Dr. Barbara Brookmyer. “It was important that the detox service provider serve not only people who have the financial means to access detox, but also for individuals who are uninsured, under-insured or low incomes,” she says.

County officials say the detox center at the Mountain Manor center is expected to be in operation within three months, and the facility at the Work Release Center is expected to be ready for its first patients within 18 months.


By Kevin McManus