TransIT of Frederick County to Honor Drivers on March 18th.

Monday is TransIT Driver Appreciation Day.

FREDERICK, MD. (LG)   Officials with TransIT Services of Frederick County would like for you to thank their drivers for their service when you board their buses on Monday.   “March 18th is Transit Driver Appreciation Day, which is a national day of recognition celebrated annually,” said Kendall Tiffany, Community Relations Manager.   “So we’re hoping that people who board, when they see them on Monday, will thank them for their service.”

TransIT drivers deliver an important service to the local community and work in all weather conditions.   “So we run service for as long as we can, especially on snowy days, because we know so many people rely on our service, especially if a first responder needs to get to a hospital,” Kendall added.

10 Connector Routes operate in Frederick City and urbanized areas of Frederick County.


By Loretta Gaines