Instigator Of 2018 Victor Cullen Riot Enters Plea

He was also sentenced.


Frederick, Md (KM). The last of the eight defendants in the Victor Cullen Center rioting in Sabillasville last year entered a plea on Thursday. In Frederick County Circuit Court, Daniel Ennos pleaded guilty to two counts of 2nd-degree assault. Judge Theresa Adams sentenced him to time served, which is the 349 days he spent in jail after his arrest.

Ennos also pleaded gutty to riot, and was sentenced to six years in prison.

The rioting took place at Victor Cullen on April 8th, 2018. “It began when he and another youth began fighting. Ennos was choking this other youth until he turned blue,” says State’s Attorney Charlie Smith. “When they went to break it up, he got belligerent, shoved a staff member, pushed him to the ground. He wasn’t the one who really beat the staff members, but he was the instigator of the riot.”

Even after this assault, other staff members tried to work with him, according to a statement from the State’s Attorney’s Office. After an hour, the superintendent at Victor Cullen told the staff they could use handcuffs to restrain the young people.

When staff members returned to the scene, the residents starting hitting them. The State’s Attorney’s Office says Ennos got  a male staff members on the ground, and placed him a chokehold. “You can see Ennos captured on video attacked a female staff members. She was in the corner of the room trying to protect a fellow staff member from being injured. You can see him jumping in the air, with his fist pumped, coming down on her, punching her several times,” says Smith.

The State’s Attorney’s Office says the victim became unconscious briefly. She also suffered a broken orbital socket, and for almost a year, has to deal with an on-going injury to her eye.

About ten employees were injured during the riot.

Victor Cullen staff called 911 for help. The Maryland State Police were able to restore order to the facility.

. “Serious offense, serious riot. Fortunately, all eight residents who were charged with injuring staff during the riot pled guilty, all differing degrees, of course. And they pled guilty in the adult system,:” says Smith.


By Kevin McManus