Five Indicted By Frederick County Grand Jury

One defendant is charged in the robbery of two local convenience stores.


Frederick, Md (KM). A Frederick Man arrested for the robbery of two convenience stores earlier this month was indicted on Friday by the Grand Jury. Michael Allen Hooks, 27, is charged with several counts of robbery, theft and assault for the hold ups to two 7/11 stores. “However, one was on Buckeystown Pike; the other was on West Patrick Street,” says State’s Attorney Charlie Smith. “The M.O. was similar. He just alleged he had a knife in one, and a gun in the other. Told them he would harm them unless he was given all the money. And then he fled on foot.”

Hooks was apprehended after the robbery of the 7/11 on Buckeystown Pike at a car dealership where he was a contract worker.

The Grand Jury also indicted Tariq Jordan Cunningham, 20, of Frederick, whose charged for an armed robbery on February 16th in the parking lot of the Wal Mart on Monocacy Boulevard. “The victims stated they were sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot when a male with a gun approached them. Obviously,  stating ‘give me all your money, give me your wallet,etc.’ They were able to drive away from the defendant, but surveillance video was his demise. We were able to get a license plate off of that,” says Smith.

Ashleigh Day, 36, of Frederick is charged with 1st- and 2nd-degree assault for an incident which occurred on February 10th, 2019. “Deputies were dispatched to Old National Pike for an automobile incident where a pedestrian was ran over with a vehicle, that vehicle leaving the scene,” Smith says. “Unfortunately, the victim sustained pretty serious injuries: a broken pelvis, a broken collar bone, a lacerated liver. So obviously Ashley Day is charged with being the person who ran her over, and left the scene. So, serious charges for that young lady.”

There were also two domestic violence cases before the Grand Jury. The panel indicted Eddie W. Moore, 41, of Thurmont for 1st-degree assault, two counts of 2nd-degree assault, one count of reckless endangerment and four counts of violating a protective order. Smith says the charges follow an incident on February 23rd on Boundary Avenue in Thurmont. “He had been assaulting this victim over a two-day period, threatening to kill her,” he says. “He actually busted up her nose, her mouth, split the back of her head, strangled her with a crutch and a broom handle of all things. So the victim, fortunately, was able to make her way to Frederick Memorial Hospital.”

The second domestic incident involved John Craig Flickenger, 48, of Adamstown, who was indicted on  1st-degree assault, two counts of 2nd-degree assault, and one count each of reckless endangerment and malicious destruction of property. Smith says the incident occurred on February 9th on Adamstown Road. “The defendant had strangled the victim, punched her in the stomach. He wound up stabbing the victim’s purse several times,” he says. “It was a situation where the victim indicated that there was a lot of abuse escalations, suicide attempts by the defebdabt.”

The indictments move these cases to the Circuit Court, where trial dates will be scheduled.


By Kevin McManus