Justices Raise Cocnerns Over Redistricting Cases

They sound wary of determining whether electoral maps are too  partisan.



Washington DC (AP)  The Supreme Court’s conservative majority sounded wary of allowing federal judges to determine when electoral maps are too partisan. That’s in spite of strong evidence that the political parties drew districts to guarantee congressional election outcomes.

The decisions in two cases the justices heard Tuesday, from Maryland and North Carolina, could help shape the makeup of Congress and state legislatures for the next decade in the new districts that will be created following the 2020 census.

More than two hours of arguments focused on Republican-drawn congressional districts in North Carolina and a single congressional district drawn to benefit Democrats in Maryland.

The justices on the right side of the court asked repeatedly whether unelected judges should police the partisan actions of elected officials.

Justice Neil Gorusch asked, “Why should we wade into this?”

The Maryland District in this case is the 6th Congressional District.


By The Associated Press