Governor Vetoes Bill To Raise Minimum Wage

He also vetoes a bill to let local school boards decide on when to start classes in the fall.


ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) – Gov. Larry Hogan has vetoed a measure to raise Maryland’s minimum wage to $15, as well as a measure to give local school boards the ability to decide whether school starts before or after Labor Day.

The Republican governor announced the vetoes on Wednesday. He also vetoed a bill that would remove regulatory authority over alcohol, tobacco and gasoline from the Maryland comptroller’s office.

Hogan says the minimum wage increase would hurt the state’s economy. He says the other two bills are “politically motivated legislation.”

Democrats who control the General Assembly will have time to attempt veto overrides before the legislative session ends April 8 at midnight. All three measures passed with enough votes to override vetoes, if all of the legislators who voted for them vote to override.

By The Associated Press