Grandparents Scam Reported In Washington County

Residents are urged to check any such calls before sending money.



Hagestown, Md (KM) The Washington County Sheriff’s Office says it’s received complaints recently about the “grandparents” scam. That’s where someone calls and claims to be a resident’s grandson or granddaughter, or is calling on their behalf. The caller claims there’s an emergency, and the relative needs money immediately. .

Authorities say if you receive such a call, verify that the information before sending any money. They also say contact that relative yourself to find out if they are in any danger and need help. If you can’t contact that person, call a friend or other family member.

The Sheriff’s Office says if you become a victim of this scam, contact your local law enforcement agency and report it.. You should also report to the Federal Trade Commission at

Authorities says these scammers sometimes contact people randomly, or they use marketing lists,  telephone listings and information from social media sites. The Sheriff’s Office says they can also hack into e-mail accounts, and send message to everyone on a  victim’s contact list.


By Kevin McManus