Maryland State Police To Join With Other Police Agencies In Enforcing Seatbelt Laws During Memorial Day Weekend

Troopers in Md. will also remind drivers of the ‘Move Over’ laws.


Pikesville, Md (KM) The Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the summer vacation season, is coming up, and the Maryland State Police will be out during that time keeping the highways safe and enforcing the state’s seatbelt laws. Spokesman Ron Snyder says troopers will conducting their “Click It or Ticket” campaign with law enforcement agencies from Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina and Kentucky.

Seatbelt laws have been around for a number of years, and Snyder says most Maryland motorists instinctively buckle up when they get behind the wheel. “You just get in, put your seatbelt on, you go out on the road. Most people are doing that,” he says. “At the same time, this past year {2018} Maryland State Police still issued more than 11,000 citations and 8800 warnings for seatbelt violations.”

As of May 13rh, 2019, State Police say troopers wrote 4,611 citations, and 3,604 warnings for seat belt violations.

Snyder says seatbelts have made a difference over the years when it comes to saving lives. “According to national figures from 2013 to 2017, seatbelt use is estimated to have save almost 70,000 lives,” he says. “In 2017 alone, the use of seatbelts in passengers vehicles saved an estimated 14,955 occupants ages five years and older.”

On May 16th, the Maryland State Police will be emphasizing the enforcement of the move-over laws, which require  motorists to move into the next lane–if possible– if they see police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, transportation, service and utility vehicles, along with waste and recycling trucks with yellow or amber flashing lights or signal devices on the side of the road.  . This gives an extra barrier to police officers, fire fighters and emergency rescue personnel stopped along the road.

Snyder says most motorists in Maryland are familiar with the move-over laws.. As of May 13th, 2019, state troopers wrote out 614 citations and 2100 warnings for violators, which is a decrease from the previous year when 1,349 citations were issued along with 5,677 warnings.

“That tells us that, yes, there are still people that may not understand the law,” he says. “But more and more Marylanders understand how important it is to move over.”

If you plan to drive to your favorite vacation destination during the Memorial Day weekend, May 25th through May 27th, Snyder urges you to not drink and drive, and don’t drive distracted or drive aggressively. “Take your time. Get to where you need to go safely. Take those simple steps, and everyone will be okay in the end, hopefully,” he says.


By Kevin McManus