County Council To Take Up ‘Livable Frederick’ Plan This Summer

The panel received a briefing on the document on Tuesday.


Frederick, Md (KM) The Frederick County Council will be considering the proposed “Livable Frederick” plan during the summer. The panel received a briefing on the document on Tuesday by the Division of Planning and Permitting.

Principal Planner John Dimitriou told the Council that “Livable Frederick” came about following meetings and input from the public on how they want to see their county develop over the next couple of years. . “There are important themes that came out of that: our community, our health, our economy and our environment. And those heavily influence the organization of the action framework within which a lot of policy content that was developed for the action framework came out of these work groups and this public participation process,” he said.

In addition to land use and zoning, “Livable Frederick”: also deals with issues such as residents’ quality of life, employment, historic preservation, transportation and cultural concerns. There’s also a Health section which addresses healthy¬† habitat and healthy choices, good nutrition, active lifestyles and other concerns.

Principal Planner Denis Supercynski says the plan was developed following a three-year process of input from citizens and associations. “This is not a bunch yes people just kind of nodding their heads,” he says “We’re proud of this document because we know it does reflect, to a large extent, what this community is looking for in terms of a plan for the next several decades.”

And even the criticism about “Livable Frederick” received during public input made it a better plan. “That feedback from everybody–fanboys as well as critics–really made this document strong in a way that our previous plans have not been,” says Supercyznki.

In early May, the County Planning Commission approved “Livable Frederick” with some minor tweaks. A final vote is scheduled for June 12th.

The County Council will hold its first workshop on the plan on June 25th, with another to follow on July 9th. There will also be a meeting on July 16th to possibly make amendments to the plan, according to Board President MC Keegan-Ayer. She says any vote on the plan could take place in September.

County Executive Jan Gardner, who¬† proposed “Livable Frederick,” says it’s a way for citizens to decide on the future of their county.


By Kevin McManus