Education Is The Theme Of Congressman Trone’s Tour Of The 6th District

He says the biggest challenge educators face is students with mental health issues.


Frederick, Md. (KM). For the past two days, Representative David Trone (D) has been touring the 6th District, discussing education with local officials. He was in Frederick on Wednesday, speaking with the Presidents of Hood College and Mount Saint Mary’s University, and representatives from Frederick Community College. He also met with Frederick County Board of Education President Brad Young.

From what he’s heard from educators, Trone says the biggest challenge facing public schools and colleges is mental health issues. “So many kids today, and adults too, there’s much more of a need for mental health services with depression, anxiety,” he says. “The college numbers are up astronomically. We talked about in high school. Those number are up dramatically, also.”

But there aren’t enough resources to accommodate the need. “They don’t have enough trained therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists to help the kids throughout the college or the high school system,” says Trone.

“Many of the big cities will share mental health specialists between schools. And they’re all close together,”: he says. “In a rural area, like Frederick County, the schools aren’t that close and it’s hard share those resources.”

Trone says grants could help educators find the money for additional mental health personnel for students. “A lot of grants have come down from the federal government. . So we’re trying to figure out how we can do best practices and helping everybody be aware of what grants are out there, and to help them achieve those grants,” he says.

In addition, Representative Trone says school systems should work with local hospitals, which might have some mental health professionals on staff. “And how can we utilize some of those and share those services,” he says.

During his visit to Frederick on Wednesday, Trone visited the Maryland School for the Deaf, and met with representatives from the Student Homelessness Initiative Partnership (SHIP) which works with homeless students. He also held a service academy information night at Governor Thomas Johnson High School for students who are interested in attending one of the services academies.

On Thursday, he’ll be in Montgomery County, visiting the Judy Center in Gaithersburg, and the Learning Undefeated/MD Bio Mobile STEM Lab. He’ll also meet with Montgomery County Education Association representatives and teachers. Then, Congressman Trone will hold another service academy night at Gaithersburg High School.


By Kevin McManus