Md. State Police Hagerstown Barrack Holding Open House On Sat.

It’s an opportunity for residents to learn the operations of the Md. State Police.


Hagerstown, Md (KM) Citizens are invited to an open house at the Maryland State Police Hagerstown Barrack on Saturday, June 1st.. The event will take place from 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM. “It gives citizens an opportunity to come out and see what their tax money is getting them. And see the outstanding services that the Maryland State Police has to offer, and give them an opportunity to get up close with the equipment, with the troopers, to ask questions and learn about what we do,” says Capt. Eric Corbin, the Commander of the Western Troop which includes Frederick to Garrett County.

He says there will static displays of equipment as well as demonstrations by units of the State Police, including motorcycles, canines, bomb disposal, crime scene technicians, public order, the SWAT team and divers. It will also include a mock troop inspection.

In addition, there will be a simulation of a car crash. “We’re going to do a mock crash scenario. The Maryland State Police helicopter will respond They’ll land right there on the scene, load up the injured party and transport them away,” says Capt. Corbin

He also says part of the reason for this open house is to recruit citizens who may be interested in careers in public safety. “We’re going have recruiters not only the Maryland State Police, but loads of  federal, local municipal agencies from fire departments, police departments,” he says. “So if you’re looking for work in the public safety field, it’s a great opportunity to come out.”

Corbin says this open house could be an opportunity for citizens who hold  negative views  of police to change their attitudes, particularly if their only contact with law enforcement is a traffic stop. “We;re people just like anybody else,” he says. “I think sometimes with the uniform, with out Stetsons, with the green and black cars, it can be intimidating for people. And this is an opportunity to be able to get right up and close, talk to us, and really get to find out that our mission is to protect and serve.”

The Hagerstown Barrack is located at 18345 Colonel Henry K. Douglas Drive. Capt. Corbin says it’s accessible off of I-70 through the Route 65 exit. He says motorists can see the facility while traveling along the Interstate.


By Kevin McManus