New Park & Ride Lot Opens In Frederick County

It’s part of the Rt.15/Monocacy Blvd Interchange project.



Frederick, Md (KM) A 400-space park and ride lot has opened along Monocacy Boulevard near Route 15.

State Highway Administration spokesman Charlie Gischlar says this is a new ride sharing opportunity for Frederick County residents. “It’s transit-served, starting in November. And will meet the growing the travel demands and needs of Frederick commuters,” he says.

SHA says the [park and ride is located  along Monocacy Boulevard just off of Route 15, which is a convenient location in an area that connected to I-270 and I-70, and  is experiencing tremendous residential and commercial growth. About 45,000 vehicles use that section of Rt. 15 and Monocacy Boulevard.

“Now, the new lot is part of the $61-million US 15/Moncacy Boulevard Interchange project which is expected to be totally completed late this summer,” says Gischlar. The project contains a new, four-lane bridge which takes Monocacy Boulevard over Route 15. with access ramps to allow drivers  to safely merge, according to SHA.

The new park and ride lot offers free parking and lots re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, SHA says.


By Kevin McManus