Frederick Gas Prices Decline Even as Summer Travelling Goes Up

The highest gas prices of the year might already be behind us as gas prices continue to drop this summer.

Frederick, MD – Drivers are spending less money at the pump as national gas prices slowly decline despite typical summer gas prices.

The average national gas price is currently $2.77, 11 cents less than last month and 16 cents less than last year.

“Generally around memorial day is when drivers see the highest points in gas prices,” AAA spokesperson Jeanette Tejeda De Gomez said.”So we’re starting to see it trickle down.”

The average price of gas in Frederick is $2.58, which is 9 cents less than last week and 27 cents than this time last year.

De Gomez explained the lower prices can be crediited to a high level of US oil refinery utilization as well as cheaper crude oil prices.

“The U.S. supply is keeping pace with demand,” De Gomez said.

National average gas prices are expected to drop to $2.70 this week and might continue to drop throughout the summer.

By Timothy Young