RALI Trailer Coming To Hagerstown

It shows how parents and adults can determine if their teenagers are using drugs.


Frederick, Md (KM) The RALI Trailer is coming to Hagerstown next week. “RALI is an organization of about two-dozen local, state and national organizations  that have come together in Maryland to try to and find solutions to the opioid epidemic,” says Beth Levine With RALI, which stands for RX Abuse Leadership Initiative.

Levine says the 30-foot long trailer is an interactive mock teenager’s bedroom which instructs parents and other community members on what to look for if they suspect their teenage children are using drugs. “We have former law enforcement officers who go through the trailer, and lead parents and adults  through the trailer to show warning signs of possible opioid abuse,” she says.

Some of those “warning signs’ Include missing prescription medications, empty pill bottles, and paraphernalia such as syringes, shoe laces and a rubber hose, which addicts use as tourniquets. Others are kitchen spoons, aluminum foil, straws and lighters.

The RALI Trailer will be at the Valley Mall in Hagerstown on Tuesday, June 18th form 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM near  the entrance to JC Penny. It was in Frederick at Harry Grove Stadium during Wednesday’s Keys’ game.

Levine says the trailer has been in other cities around the country, and it’s been well received. “It’s a really been a tool for parents and they’ll often spread the word because it’s something you just don’t think of with your own kids,” she says.

The RALI Trailer will also be in Baltimore on June 19th, and in Annapolis on June 22nd. It will also make stop in Cecil County on June 27th, Levine says.


By Kevin McManus