Public Invited to Review Frederick City 10-Year Strategic Plan

At an open house style event on July 16, 2019, from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

FREDERICK, MD. (LG) The public is invited to review the draft of Frederick City’s 2030 Strategic Plan.  It evolved based on community comments and collaborations among City staff and Mayor Michael O’Connor.

“We had a lot of public engagement in the beginning of this process, in terms of soliciting the community about their thoughts for what the current state of Frederick is and what they want to see,” said Mayor Michael O’Connor.

A draft of the City’s Strategic Plan will be made available for the public to comment on and ask questions, during an open house style event on July 16th.

“We reached a point in the process where it’s important to go back to the community and let them look at what has come from their engagement and how that has been synthesized through our internal processes, to see if we’ve hit the mark, or if there are thoughts and observations about what has been presented in terms of a possible draft plan,” continued O’Connor.

An intensive one day retreat, held on May 20th, allowed City directors, managers and the Mayor to work jointly and assign hundreds of actions that the community and staff had identified as needing attention.

“For me, I think one of the very important parts of this process is that it is a plan that reflects the interest of the community at large. Time and time again, what we heard was the City needs to develop a more robust strategic plan, something that will provide some guidance to the community in terms of where our objectives lie,” added O’Connor.

The Strategic Plan is projected to be approved by late summer.

“What this shows me is this community has a deep, caring and understanding, about what strengths Frederick has and what are the things that we need to focus on, if we want Frederick to maintain its place as a great place to live and work.”

The plan will be used to guide budgeting and set priorities for City government.


By: Loretta Gaines